R Installation

If you are planning to do the R assignments on your own computer (recommended), then here is a quick outline for obtaining the software. There are two separate software programs. Most people find it easier to use RStudio. than just R, but you need to install R first before installing RStudio (analogously speaking: you need an cell phone before you can use an cell phone case). If you have R and RStudio from a previous course, you still need to update to the current versions!

Semester Schedule Planner

As a lecturer at UC Merced, each semester I find myself needing to figure out how many days I get to teach. Furthermore, I like to plan out my lecture schedule down to the days themselves. Here I hope to use some R code to quickly figure out (say) which days are on Tuesday or Thursday. Construction In R, the seq command can be used with dates easily. semester_dates <- seq(as.